Monday, April 17, 2017

Abstract Expressionism and the New York School

Aaron Douglas, Aspects of Negro Life, 19-33), 1934 84" x 96"

Jacob Lawrence, During World War I there was a great migration north by southern African Americans,… (19-35), 1940

Diego Rivera, Man, controller of the Universe, (19-36), 

Kahlo, Two Fridas, (19-37), 1939
         Billy Childish,
         Abstract Expressionism, Action Painting, Color Field Painting, Modernism vs. modernism, Kitsch

Pollock, Autumn Rhythm (number 30), 1950 (20-3), 

Willem de Kooning, Woman 1 (20-5),  1950

Rothko, Brown, Blue, Brown on Blue, 1953

Lee Lee Krasner, The Seasons, 1957 (204)

Josef Albers, Homage to a Square, about 1956

         Helen Frankenthaler, Mountains and Sea, 1952 ()

Louise         Louise  Nevelson, Sky Cathedral (20-8) 1958

                   Robert  Rauschenberg, Canyon,  (20-9) 1959

“I consider the text of a news­paper, the detail of a photograph, the stitch in a baseball, and the filament in a light bulb as fundamental to the painting as brush stroke or enamel drip of paint. In the end, what one sees as my work is what I choose to make with no guaran­tee of enlightenment, humor, beauty or art.”
                   Jasper Johns, Target with Four Faces, (20-10)

Oh, Jeff...I Love You, Too...But....jpg

                   Roy    Lichtenstein, Oh, Jeff…. I love you too…. but…. 1964 (20-13)

                   Andy   Warhol, Marilyn Diptych,  1962 (20-14)
                      Pop Art, Postmodernism, Assemblage, Performance Art, Appropriation

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